Taoclinic Pro is a software for the practice of Chinese Medicine,  based on the vast experience of its creators in both the study and the practice of Chinese Medicine, as well as in the creation of computer programs for students and practitioners in the field.

Taoclinic takes into account all the lessons learned from work in the field and from earlier computer programs developed by Taomedic, as well as those of other companies. Some of the main points on which emphasis has been placed in creating Taoclinic are:

  • Accessibility to a broad database
  • Smart dynamic referrals among the various information fields
  • Queries and cross sections on request
  • Aids in finding treatment solutions by symptoms and by syndromes
  • Tools for converting and understanding the principles of Chinese and Western Medicine (both directions)
  • Active patient files (with real time referral to medical information)
  • Resolves complex treatment issues (identifying problems organs, creation of formulas, prescriptions)
  • Clinic management, patients and treatment sessions (unlimited as to number of practitioners or patients)